Blogvember : Let's have a try
Stranger coincidences

For the first time in nine years

     PB070035For the first time since I've been taking my holidays during Arras film festival, I've managed this year to write a few words about each movie.

The first years I wasn't trained enough to see many of them and be then able to write : too much emotions, too much exhaustion.

I used to have someone to talk to about the films and several Ciné Club friends were also coming along.

Later there has been years of sad news : some of my aunt's death, the Paris' attacks, Donald Trump's election. And when you have already not much free-time between films, meals and sleep, one only sad news is enough to let you with no energy left to write, except a few postcards for close family and friends.

This year has been perfect for some pieces of writing : a relative loneliness, even if I wasn't alone, no friends from Le Ciné-Club, more restaurants (=> no time lost to prepare meals even simple, very few errands to be done), NO DISASTER, neither private nor collective.
Moreover, "thanks to" the thief who deprived me of my old computer, I work now with a quick brand new one. I was desperately trying to let the previous one work some more months in spite of it beginning to be obsolete and laking of memory and had forgotten how much easier it was with a new one.

Last but not least : since I've begun my triathlon training and thanks to menopause have a lower anemia, my health has much improved. So I'm not the one who slept anytime anymore. I managed to take some half hour each day to write something down.

It begins there : samedi 4 novembre jour 1 : trois premiers films

and ends here : lundi 13 novembre jour 10 : chacun fait sa récap

It's not well written, only ment to keep safe some memories. But I feel childishly proud to manage to keep it till the end.