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For the first time in nine years

Blogvember : Let's have a try


    Thanks to Franck Paul and a good idea of Nota-Bene,  I discover this new try : writing during november one post in english each day. 

I'm not quite sure I'll manage, being in a heavy scheduled all-day-life at the time : bookshop with a beautiful but heavy meetings and signatures program + holidays at a film festival + my mother's house still having to be sold and emptied + the consequences of my computer bag being stolen last wednesday with all my useful things inside, but I feel I've been loosing my english for many years by lack of traveling and V.O. readings, so it is high time to have some practice. Working on it with my friends will be of a good help and maybe incentive enough to bear the lack of personal spare time.

Please be patient with my frenchyssities and spelling mistakes.